Our Roasting

Coffee roasted to perfection and shipped within 24 hours.

The Perfect Roast

There isn’t anything quite like the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans dropping from the Diedrich roaster and into the cooling bin. The personal satisfaction of bagging up each roast, knowing that people just like you will soon be enjoying the finest fair trade specialty coffee from Haiti.

At 1804 Coffee Company, we take our roasting very seriously. We roast to order for our clients, never stocking old coffee, ensuring you receive your coffee when it is at it’s peak flavor and freshness. We work with the best professionals to ensure the highest quality control for each roast, maintaining consistency from one roast to the next.

For our wholesale clients, we continually experiment with roasting profiles to create a flavor and aroma that fits your application and preference. On bulk orders we roast and ship within 24 hours to help you maintain your inventory levels and preserve your cash flow, while guaranteeing the freshest coffee for your customers.