Our Impact

1804 Coffee is about more than just having a great cup of
coffee, we care about the well-being of our farmers.

Coffee With Purpose

Let there be no mistake, 1804 Coffee is in business to lift farmers from poverty to prosperity. Of course that comes through purchasing coffee at Fair Trade prices, but we go well beyond fair trade to ensure farmers and their families have the resources they need to build a life of dignity, and respect.

Giving People Hope

We follow up our fair trade purchase by giving a portion of our profits back to the communities we work in.  Our programs reach beyond business and into the community, addressing local issues head on to improve their quality of life and most importantly, to give people hope.

Everytime you buy 1804 Coffee, you do more than pay a farmer a fair wage, you empower people and help provide resource to change communities from the ground up.  On behalf of every Haitian farmer, we say thank you for providing the opportunity and resource to raise their quality of life!