Pine Fore - Haitian Specialty Coffee

The pine forest (or Pine Fore in Creole) is an enchanting place.  One that holds positive memories of our travels to Haiti.  There is a peace one experiences when surrounded by these 100 foot pine trees as you hike through the forest.  Occasionally you reach a bluff where you can look out over the rolling hills, and see farms below you in the distance where Haitian sp[...]

Coffee Harvest Time!

Harvest time, it's our favorite time of the year! The air is filled with spring breezes and warmer days, but the heavy rains and punishing heat of summer have not yet arrived. The mountains turn a brilliant hue of green, the sky appears a crystal blue. Coffee plants hang low from the weight of bright red cherries waiting to be hand picked from their branches.  It's ti[...]

Coffee Excellence In Specialty Coffee

As the world embraces third wave coffee and more companies enter the specialty coffee market, the range of selections becomes wider.  Specialty coffees that were a cut above just a few years ago are now white noise against the backdrop of hundreds of new specialty coffee imports.  Coffee excellence is changing the specialty coffee industry. Certainly there are char[...]

Coffee Culture

Our culture is seeing a boom in specialty coffee.  The “third wave” has arrived in tidal fashion.  Yes there is a crazy and hip culture that has emerged.  One of high energy, of community, one conscious of quality.  We believe there is something deeper going on here.  People are investing more into relationships, and they want to show value to each relationship by the[...]

Lavi Bon

All of us at 1804 Coffee have enjoyed learning Creole, although we do not claim to be proficient yet. The ability to joke with farmers in their native language certainly brings some levity to any situation. Not always having to use a translator has increased the depth of our relationships, while expressing that we really care for them, their culture, and Haitian coffe[...]

Why 1804 Coffee?

People often ask us why our coffee company is named 1804 Coffee Co. We probably need to take a minute and clarify it's not simply a cool collection of numbers trying to show the age of our company, or relate to an age gone by. Haiti was the first black country in history to gain their independence. Haiti was a French colony, but a rebellion forced the negotiation o[...]

The Struggle for Haitian Coffee

"It's not that easy", said the cooperative manager as we sat in his office and discussed the complexities of the Haitian coffee industry, or lack thereof. I kept casting vision for how Haiti could be a premier producer in the world again, this time in specialty coffee, competing with the likes of Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya and other epic growing regions. But I too kno[...]