A Partnership Fostering Haitian Specialty Coffee

Topeca Coffee is partnering with 1804 Coffee to provide you with some of the rarest and finest Arabica Typica coffee you will find this season, and it’s from Haiti.  We wonder how many of you have ever had the opportunity to taste high altitude, high quality Haitian specialty coffee, or even if you knew that Haiti grows fantastic coffee.   Haiti has a long and illu[...]

What's In The Cup!

After some extensive delays, we recently received the first samples from our spring coffee harvest in Haiti.  When the samples arrived I hustled over to Topeca Coffee, where they graded out the samples in the lab, against other specialty coffees from Ethiopia, Brazil and Yemen.  There was some stiff competition in the room, and it was more than a little unnerving.   [...]

Haitian Coffee And The Curators Of Beauty

Every time I'm in the mountains of Haiti, something special happens. Maybe more than one "something special" takes place, as happened on this Haitian coffee sourcing trip. The relationships run deep now with Haitian coffee farmers, we have been working in the Belle Anse district for years. It's incredibly difficult to reach the towns where we partner with farmers w[...]

What Is Direct Trade Coffee

As I sit here nursing a double espresso, staring out at a chilly, cloudy winter afternoon, my thoughts turn to the upcoming harvest season in Haiti, and our direct trade coffee.  I can feel up the warmth of the sun on my face, and the comfort of the towering pines that reside high in the mountains.  My heart is comforted thinking of our friends there, who work t[...]

Making Thanksgiving Memorable With 1804 Coffee

We love Thanksgiving at 1804 Coffee, it’s our absolute favorite holiday of the year.  Thanksgiving is all about spending time with people you love over a long meal, or succession of meals if you're at our home.  So many great memories are made in homes throughout America as we reflect together on all of the things we are thankful for.     Coffee is a big part of th[...]

The Impact of Hurricane Matthew on the Haitian Farmer

About 48 hours after Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti I began to make calls trying to reach friends throughout the country.  These times are strenuous because it's difficult to reach people in Haiti regularly, but having a hurricane strike the country changes the game. As I waited patiently for phone lines to work, or Facebook messages to be returned my mind reeled[...]

How To Make A Pour Over

If you are new to drinking specialty coffee it can all be a little overwhelming.  There is so much to learn about the different growing regions, varieties of plants, roast profiles, and methods for brewing your perfect cup of coffee.  Much of the fun in specialty coffee is playing with different equipment and brewing methods.  One of the most exciting brewing methods [...]

Providence Through The Blind Man

It really was an accident, We had no intention of ending up importing and roasting coffee from Haiti.  But sometimes accidents can turn out to be providence for one's life.  I was in Haiti working on a well drilling project high up in a mountain village and would often visit with passers by in broken Creole. Along came a middle aged Haitian man who responded in Englis[...]

When It's Best To Work In Your Underwear

We had intended to make it to the wet mill in late afternoon.  It was beautiful out, breathtakingly beautiful.  White puffy clouds lazily floating across the brilliant blue sky, peaks of mountains folding over on themselves as they disappeared into the horizon.  A perfect day to take the truck to the mill, get some photos and check quality of our Haitian coffee harves[...]

Coffee Farm Regeneration in Haiti

There is something euphoric that happens every time I have the opportunity to visit a coffee farm.  Coffee farming in Haiti isn’t large scale production farming, or production farming on any scale for that matter, it’s more like large scale gardening.  That environment is quite appealing.  As you stand under the canopy of mango, lime, and banana trees and walk between[...]